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Student Wellbeing

Friends for Life

Friends For Life is an amazing programme used in school to support children’s emotional wellbeing. It allows children to talk about their feelings in a safe and trusting environment.  This programme truly helps to form friendships and gives pupils the confidence they need to discuss challenging situations and worries. It focuses strongly on being brave and enables children to become more resilient, which in turn, enables them to become happier and confident individuals.

Yoga Lessons

Yoga, which supports mental health and emotional wellbeing, is fast becoming one of the most popular complementary health practices. Many schools, such as St Anne’s are now offering movement and mindfulness programs to help reduce stress, improve mood, and promote physical fitness. Yoga during this formative period is useful for developing healthy exercise habits in general as well as strength, flexibility, and balance. Our pupils have embraced this new addition to our curriculum with enthusiasm and vigour.