Useful websites for children

 There are lots of useful websites that can help you with your learning and with homework.

There are a variety of weblinks that you will enjoy and which will support your learning ...and are fun too! These websites may also help you to develop your classroom learning by giving extra information so that you understand the lesson themes better. If you have a favourite learning activities website, use the email contact form (in the Contact Us under Home menu tab), to send us the link. We may include it for others to use too.


For the Education City website, pupils will need their login usename and password to enter. They will have these from school.

BBC Newsround

A BBC website that helps young people to keep up with the news. Click HERE.

This website has articles and images which can be help homework or projects. Click HERE.

BBC Key Stage 1 Bitesize Activities.
Another BBC interactive activities for KS1 children. Lots of fun...and learning too. Click HERE.
BBC Key Stage 2 Bitesize Activities

This time, it's a BBC interactive site for KS2 pupils. Great for Y5 and Y6 revision ...but Y3 and Y4 will enjoy it too.Have speakers turned on.  Click HERE.

....more useful websites to be added....keep checking.