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School Meals and Free School Meals from September 2018

Our School Meals Service provide a choice of wonderful meals each day.

The price of a school meal in Sunderland is great value at £2 per day for primary children in years 3 to 6

If your child is in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 then they are entitled to a free school meal.

Parents can pay in advance monthly, half termly, or termly, if this is easier, by cheque (cheques made payable to St. Anne's RC Primary School) or cash, at £10 per week (£2 per day). All money must be paid to school on a Monday morning as delays do cause problems. We will be unable to provide a meal for your child/children if payments are more than two weeks in arrears.

Information on free school meal eligibility for children whose parents are in receipt of benefits can be found on the city of Sunderland webite: click on this LINK.   

You can apply through the City of Sunderland Family Portal: click on this LINK

The menu is set by Sunderland City Council and is healthy and nutritious. Meals are freshly prepared on the premises each day by experienced, qualified and skilled staff. There is a huge variety of meals that your child can choose from including: mince pie, roast meats with vegetables, jacket potatoes with a choice of fillings, lasagne, sandwiches and salads. There are vegetarian options every day. If your child requires a special diet for medical reasons such as food allergies or intolerances or for cultural reasons, please contact the school office to discuss.

Please contact the school office if you wish your child to have a cooked midday meal and before making any changes to any current arrangements. Any child wishing to change from school meal to packed lunch must give a full half term's notice with the school office. Any child on packed lunches can change to school dinners at anytime in the school year - but must inform Mrs Sheila Johnson or Mrs Debbie Hall in the school office

School Meals Weekly Menus for 2018 -2019  Click on this LINK to view the menus.

                     (Please note: it is a large file which may take a little while to load).

Packed lunches about this in the Parents' section of our website. 



























The menus follow a four week cycle called week 1, week 2  week 3 and week 4. In the new school year starting in September, week beginning Monday September 3rd  is Week 1  then week beginning Monday September 10th is Week 2 then week beginning Monday September 17th is Week 3 ...then Week 4. Then it’s back to Week 1  and the 4 week cycle continues throughout the year. Thus, it is possible to see what menu applies to every week and parents are encouraged to discuss their child’s choices with them.

On each menu there is a choice of main course, a choice of vegetable and a choice of carbohydrate such as nan bread or potato wedges. Then there is a choice of dessert. Also there is selection of other foods, such as selection of salad or fresh fruit, available daily.

It is important to note that the meals choice is made two weeks in advance so that the correct quantities of each meal can prepared. Hence, discussing and making a note of what you child would like can be followed with a reminder on the day: for example - “You’re having pasta in spicy tomato sauce today!”

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Packed lunches about this in the Parents' section of our website.