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Parent Weblinks

UPDATED August 2017:  Useful websites for Parents

There are many websites which we feel will offer useful information, advice and guidance to parents. Here are a few .... and others will be added to the list as we find them. If parents know of websites that other parents may find useful, please let us know (by Contact Us email form under Home on the menu bar)) and we could add them here.

However, although St Anne's Primary School website includes links to external sites and free online materials, such resources are owned by their respective copyrights and we do not lay claim to any material externally produced.  Nor do we have responsibility for content on linked sites.  These links are checked regularly for appropriateness and continuity. If you find any materials which concern you, please inform us immediately.  Should the owner of externally produced material object to a link, the link will be removed immediately.

NEW: Parents may find the National Numeracy Parent Toolkit website very useful in helping their child at home to develop maths skills and understanding. Click on this LINK  to connect to the website. Then click on the Information for Parents link at the top of the page....then click on links further down the page fpr different age groups.

City of Sunderland Education and Learning: click on this LINK.

This is the City of Sunderland home page that links to a wide range of education and learning webpages. 


Sunderland Family Information Service: click on this LINK.

This link shows some of the leaflets produced by this information service. From this page you can also link to other information pages.

Websites giving advice about helping children to use the internet safely.

Protecting children online: click on this LINK.

This website offers guidance for parents on protecting their children online. Some information is for parents of 13+ years old …but parents of younger children may find it helpful too.

Safe Search provides screened links to website articles and images which can be useful for homework or projects. Image searches will produce a small set of screened content. CLICK on this  LINK  for Safe Search.

Other weblinks: has a series of articles aimed at parents giving advice on how you can help your child in positive ways and how to support them in their education. The articles have an emphasis on encouragement and show how learning activities can be fun.

Click on this LINK  to connect to the Topmarks website. From the home page you can click on links to other pages such as 10 Tips on Hearing Your Child Read and a great article on Cooking at Home ...and helping your child to learn.

The BBC has a website for adult learners. They say: “An adult learning course could change your life”.  There is lots of information about getting into learning. Click HERE for this BBC website.