Internet Safety Day 2016


Today, Tuesday 9th February 2016, millions across the UK and globally are celebrating Safer Internet Day.

For parents and carers, Safer Internet Day is a great time to have a conversation with their child about staying safe online.

For Safer Internet Day 2016 the theme is 'Play your part for a better internet' and young people from across the UK are considering what they can do to help make the internet a kinder place. Perhaps you could talk to your child about what actions they could take to make the internet a kinder place?

Click on this LINK to connect to the Internet Safety website   ....... and click on this LINK with your child to take part in the fun question and answers quiz which gives great advice about how to deal with some Internet issues.

PLUS...there are other articles on this St. Anne's website which also give adice about how to keep safer online.

Click HERE to link to one.....and others can be viewed under E_SAFETY on the main menu bar above.