Internet Safety Video

There is a wide range of information and guidance for parents and pupils to support better understanding of how to be more "E-Safe". These articles are under the Parents' Pages on the main menu bar, in the E-safety section. Plus the articles are duplicated as a separate menu heading <E_SAFETY> on the main menu bar. We know form the number of "hits"recorded  that these articles are well used. From time to time, we will bring an article back to this front page to remind parents - and pupils about these e-safety articles. Below is a reminder about one of the articles.

Caught in the Web is a Newsround special programme all about staying safe on the internet. This very clear informative programme explains about the dangers of giving out personal information on the web or in text messages or even using games consoles such as X Box with a wireless internet link.

The video really needs to be watched several times for the excellent advice to "stick". Parents should watch it themselves because it's important for them to know how easy it is for young people to be coaxed into giving out private information.

The show, which is narrated by David Tennant (from Dr. Who), tells the story of a girl called Lonely Princess, who gets into danger after meeting someone in a chatroom.

It also has lots of tips on how to be safe, and case studies of children with real-life experiences of how things can go wrong.

Parents and children would benefit from watching this together so that they can discuss how to deal with web dangers.

Click on this LINK  to watch the video.

Remember to have speakers turned on.

This BBC website page has other links that give advice and tips about staying safe online.

Also, there is a lot more E Safety guidance on the menu bar above of our school website.