Helping your child .... become more E_safe. We believe that our school website can be a vital resource to support parents to keep their children more e-safe. We want to provide advice and links that help parents to understand the issues and to provide an opportunity for them to talk with their children about these. The e-safety section of the website has a range of advice and information links ...but here are two more!

One of the best e-safety guides for children is Captain Kara and Winston’s SMART adventure for Key Stage 2 - but, with parental support, could be suitable for some 6 and 7 year olds.  This is another excellent way to get the message across to children about how to keep more safe online. Headphones are needed or have speakers turned on.

Click on this LINK  to connect to the Captain Kara website.

For older primary children, 10+, explains about being SMART: Safe, Meeting, Acceptable, Reliable ...and Tell. Click HERE to connect to the Kidsmart site.