Safe Searching

Children often like to do projects at home or have homework for school for which they might want to add some images or search the web for information.

Safe Search is a website that provides screened links to website articles and images which can be useful for such homework or projects. Image searches will produce a small set of screened content.  


Click on this LINK to connect to Safe Search. 



EXAMPLE: Try searching for images or information about Romans.Type Romans into the search box, then choose Website Search ...or Images...or games ... or Video.

Next, click the Safe Search button. Lots of safe images and information will be shown.

Below the search box is a Links button to other screened websites.


WEB MANAGER TIP! As an alternative to adding the SafeSearch website to bookmarks or favourites, after connecting to the Safe Search website, point the mouse cursor to the website address icon (a little symbol in front of the web address) in the browser address bar, then click and drag this icon onto your favourites bar. In future, one click on the weblink on this favourites bar will quickly connect Safe Search.