Pupil Premium Budget Information 2017 - 2018

 What does the Pupil Premium mean for St Anne’s RC Primary school?

The Pupil Premium for primary schools (this is money allocated to the school) aims to provide significant funding for disadvantaged children to help close the attainment gap.  “The Pupil Premium for disadvantaged pupils will provide additional funding specifically linked to disadvantaged pupils, with the primary objective of boosting their attainment. We will expect schools to account to parents for how it is used.” (page 81, White Paper) .

 Pupil Premium Budget 2017 – 2018

St Anne’s have been allocated £62,340 for 2017 – 2018  based on 47 pupils.

We had 67 pupils receiving PP funding last year – so we are 20 pupils down or £22,440 down for 2017 -2018

Funding for 2017-18 has been based on the information provided by the school from the January 2017 census.  Final allocations will be confirmed in the autumn term when the local authority receives the confirmation of funding allocated for Sunderland from the DfE.

A total of £62,340 has been included in the budget based on: 47 pupils entitled to free school meals and 1 Service Child. (This is down by £22,440 from last year and all support has had to be reduced.  We have had to reduce the money allocated to each budget heading  this year as a result.)




Running total

Budget 2017 - 2018




School Counsellor

1 day per week supporting pupils +

3 hours supporting families



TA support for KS1 & KS2 (KH)



HLTA support in KS2 (KMc)



ICT – pupil support SAM Learning, Read, Write Inc, Education City



HLTA - One to one tuition for individual PP children (All year)



Football, dance and Music tuition & clubs



Subsidise trips and excursions



Derwent Hill Residential



Total spend








St. Anne's have produced a strategy statement to plan how the Pupil Premium Grant will be allocated.

Below is a link to view or download this Pupil Premium Strategy Statement.

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement


Below is a link to download or view information showing how the allocation of Pupil Premium Grant

has impacted on the progress for children supported by this funding.

Y6 Pupil Premium Data Outcomes 2016