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Year 4 Curriculum from September 2018

Wecome to Year 4

Year 4 Curriculum from September 2018 to July 2019

Class Teacher: Miss Anne-Marie Weide

          Mrs Claire Simpson HLTA
Year 4 (and Y3)  Spelling list.
Click HERE to view the spellings for Year 4 children to learn.

Year 4 curriculum overview Autumn Term 2018



Year 4 have a jam-packed timetable.   Do we ever have time to have fun? YES!!!!!


Do you know your apostrophe from your semi-colon? We do!

SPAG stands for Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar.

In Literacy lessons we learn the correct names of the parts of speech and how to use them accurately. We will be using adverbial frontals, adverbial phrases, subordinate clauses, colons, semi colons, ellipsus... IMPRESSIVE!



   We will be continuing our Snappy Maths. This is a 15 minute rapid session after Lunch time to get our brains back into gear.

WE LOVE IT!!!!!!


                                         HANDWRITING IN YEAR 4                                  

We are trying very hard with our handwriting and we are taking great care in our exercise books so that Mrs. Harrison is proud of us.