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Foundation Stage and Reception Class Information Brochures

For parents of children coming new into the Foundation Stage or moving into the Reception Class in September, there are two information brochures which provide lots of useful information. These can be read online or printed as a PDF document; either a complete document or individual pages.

The Foundation Stage brochure includes information about the first days in Foundation, about preparing your child for Nursery School, about learning in the Foundation stage ... and lots more.

The Reception brochure contains information about Jolly Phonics, about reading with your child and other advice.

We look forward to meeting you and hope that your time at St. Anne's will be a happy time for both you and your child.

Yours Sincerely

Mrs C A Lynch     Headteacher


Click on the LINK below to view the Foundation Stage Brochure

  Click on the LINK below to view the Reception Class Brochure


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