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Foundation Stage Curriculum Information: September 2017



Early Years is an essential time in preparing children for school, getting them ready for more formal learning.

Within the Foundation setting (Nursery and Reception) it is recognised that there are three Prime Areas of learning which need to be achieved before other learning can be accelerated:

  • CLCommunication and language (speaking, listening and understanding).
  • PDPhysical development (moving and co-ordination, health and self-care).
  • PSEDPersonal, social and emotional development (self confidence, managing feelings and behaviour, making relationships).

Other areas of learning include:

  • R – Reading.
  • W – Writing.
  • M – Mathematics (numbers, shape, space and measures).
  • UW – Understanding the world (people and communities, the world, technology).
  • EAD – Expressive arts and design (exploring materials, being imaginative).

Any, or all, of these aspects of learning can take place within a given task. During the settling in period we will be exploring the theme ‘Me, Myself and I’ and then we will be planning activities that  follow the children’s interests.

  Foundation Stage 1 – NURSERY  Curriculum

Foundation Stage 2 – RECEPTION  Curriculum 



Writing is very important within the Early Years and we encourage all types of mark making. It is essential for children to become confident when writing. The Foundation Stage will always have areas set up for the children to learn independently and create their own mark making using a range of resources and tools.

Phonics and Reading

Within Reception, the children will be taught phonics by using the Jolly Phonics system to the specific order of Letters and Sounds. Each week, the children will learn new letters with their corresponding sounds and names. We will then begin to blend and segment words ready for the children to be able to read independently.

The children will be given words to learn at home alongside reading books which will help continue each child’s development in this area. We believe that reading is vital for each child and we dedicate a lot of time reading and discussing a range of texts including the structure and pattern of the sentences.


We teach the children Mathematics using guidelines from Development Matters in the EYFS document (available on the internet) and adapt each objective to suit the ability of every child. We use a range of techniques to engage the children and encourage their independence within Maths.

The Curriculum

The objectives for each child’s development, from the Development Matters document, will be incorporated into each theme. All staff will interact with the children and find out what their specific interests are so we can plan from this as we believe it is important for children to be fully engaged and interested in order to maximise their learning.

The first topic in RE is ‘Myself’ from Come and See where we will be thinking about each of our families and the importance of each and every person.

The children will also be taught music and PE weekly.