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Welcome to our Foundation Stage

Welcome to our Ealy Years Foundation Stage  - September 2018 to July 2019  

Our Early Years is in two stages:

Foundation Stage 1 (the Nursery Year FS1)


Foundation Stage 2 (the Reception Class FS2).

 Our Foundation staff are:

NURSERY:      Mrs Angela Scott with Mrs Tracy Day  TA

RECEPTION:      Mrs Gillian Gartland   with Mrs Claire Martin  TA

Early Years is an essential time in preparing children for school, getting them ready for more formal learning.

Within the Foundation setting (Nursery and Reception) it is recognised that there are three Prime Areas of learning which need to be achieved before other learning can be accelerated:

  • CLCommunication and language (speaking, listening and understanding).
  • PDPhysical development (moving and co-ordination, health and self-care).
  • PSEDPersonal, social and emotional development (self confidence, managing feelings and behaviour, making relationships).

Other areas of learning include:

  • R – Reading.
  • W – Writing.
  • M – Mathematics (numbers, shape, space and measures).
  • UW – Understanding the world (people and communities, the world, technology).
  • EAD – Expressive arts and design (exploring materials, being imaginative).

Any, or all, of these aspects of learning can take place within a given task and we will be planning activities that  follow the children’s interests.


At St. Anne’s, each child assigned to their own personal key worker. A key worker is a member of staff who has special responsibility for the education and welfare of a particular group of children during their time in the Early Years Foundation Stage. A key worker will ensure that the needs of the child are recognized within the overall curriculum framework of the group.

The primary aim of the key worker system is to promote close relationships between the practitioner and his/her children in order to meet their emotional needs.

Parents/carers have access to their child’s key worker at the beginning and end of each session. A key worker will help your child to become familiar with St. Anne’s and to feel confident and safe within it. They will also talk to parents/carers to make sure that the needs of the child are being met appropriately and that records of development and progress are shared with parents/carers and other professionals as necessary.

During the settling in period in Foundation Stage, we will be focussing on developing friendships, familiarising ourselves with the classroom environment and the daily routines.

During the introductory period we will be using the story from home and holiday photographs to enhance the children’s speaking and listening skills and give them the opportunity to communicate freely about home and their interests.

Once the children have settled in, we will be observing the children during play and following their interests. Any items of interest that your child would like to share during Welcome Time e.g. autumn leaves, pine cones, shells etc, would be greatly welcomed to support our overall understanding of your child.

  Below we will add photographs of the Class Key Groups






















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