Year 5 and Year 6 anti-bullying workshops

Year 5 and Year 6 pupils had a visit today from Danny Gilchrist to work with on issues around Anti Bullying. Pupils joined in the workshops discussing types of bullying, the effects it has on children and how we can support one another in school. There is a wealth of help for parents and children who feel they need extra support. The ZAP programme is run by Kidscape, is free and welcomes enquiries from families.

Find out more about Kidscape by visiting their website on this LINK.

They say: say: We offer online and telephone advice, guidance and support to parents, carers and family members who are concerned about their child or young person being bullied in person or over social platforms and phones.

What is the ZAP Programme? They say: It is a fun, interactive day that encourages the development of assertiveness skills and raises young people's confidence so that they are able to deal with bullying situations effectively. Find out more on this LINK.




Report by Karen Beaney 26th September 2016